It’s easy to lose track of time watching Nate Adams float through the air. It’s mesmerizing. One moment he is kicking up dirt, bouncing down the track. A second later he is 60 feet in the air, upside down, hands off the bike, then back on the ground. Freestyle Motocross is what he does. He was built for it: mentally and physically- it is his purpose.
Starting out in motocross racing when he was 16, Nate instantly found success transitioning to Freestyle Motocross, and was crowned The Freestyle Motocross Champion in 2002, less than one year after switching over. Now, as a 23-time X-Game medalist, Nate’s focus has shifted. All Pros’ know that one day their career will have to end, and Nate is a realist. Despite staying in peak condition, being 34 years old isn’t the same as being 24 years old. He has a wife, twin boys, a mortgage, and responsibilities that come with the territory. He knows he must deliver.

Through his company “Deft Family” he designs and sells motocross equipment, often utilizing his back yard track as the proving grounds. He still travels, performing exhibitions at the likes of MonsterCup and with his crew from Nitro Circus- but he is different. He takes the responsible route, he mentors younger racers, and he speaks with a subtle confidence of a man who has done it all.