BAJA California, MX - 2016 BAJA 1000

It's 7:40 in the morning, and I'm walking through the desert, all by myself..."
Being part of a race team involves planning, execution, and precision, followed by moments of uncertainty and accelerated chaos. The BAJA 1000 brings those elements together, adds in doses of adrenaline, octane, & dust, and pulverizes them together in a blender. The result is a level of suffering that racers and race teams have been voluntarily subjecting themselves to since 1967.

With JT Holmes at the wheel and Eric Clay co-piloting our Class 7 truck, we attempted and failed, along with 55% of the entrants, the 2016 BAJA 1000. Giving up a 2+ hour lead, rear wheel bearings welding themselves to the hub is what dug our sandy grave. Disheartened yet determined, we will compete again in 2017. See you out there!